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Some of the Best Destinations to Visit in the United Kingdom

manchesterUnited Kingdom is a fascinating destination whether you are going on holiday as a couple; a family, friends or even as an individual. Besides the many activities that you can engage in such as a cross-country train trip, biking or hiking, there are many good places that are a must visit. There are destinations that you should not miss out on when visiting.


One of the cities that will not miss on a football discussion is a great place to visit. From the Bank of England building, Albion House, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Town hall, the World Museum Liverpool to the Tower Buildings, there is a lot to see and do. Once in Liverpool, you will understand the reason is known to be the country’s 4th most populous city.


Your trip to the United Kingdom would not be complete with a visit to London. This is the capital city of the UK and England. From the Kew Gardens, St. Margaret’s Church, the Tower of London to the Palace of Westminster, the city has something for everyone. Being the largest city in the EU, a leading financial city in the world and UK’s most populous destination, there are numerous attractions to visit. This explains how this global city has four World Heritage Sites.


Popularly known for the Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburg hosts museums, theatres and galleries making it a paradise for art lovers. To interact with the locals in a fun way, you should attend one of the festivals held here in the capital city of Scotland. United Kingdom’s 7th most populous city holds the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Famed for its football team (Manchester United), Manchester is home to various iconic attractions. Located in Greater Manchester, this is the second most populous city in the United Kingdom. Some of the places to visit include the Manchester Opera House, The Museum of Science and industry, and the Palace Theater. One thing that stands out in this city of sports is its medieval and Georgian style buildings.

Each city in the United Kingdom is unique and has something to offer. London, Edinburg, Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool are just some of the cities that are a must visit. Whether you are fascinated by medieval style buildings, you love art or adventure, United Kingdom will offer that and more.

Tips while Traveling to the UK for a First Timer

United KingdonThe United Kingdom is full of adventure whether you want to visit an English village to enjoy craft ale, you want to trek in the Scottish Highlands, go surfing or visit its historical cities. There are numerous activities to choose from. Despite the many activities that it has to offer, there are basic things that you should know before booking your flight.

Be Alert on the Road
While in most countries people drive on the right side of the road, things are different in the UK. This makes it easy for tourists to have accidents when crossing roads. Knowing that people drive on the left side of the road will help you cross the road safely as you will know where to check for oncoming vehicles.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Crime rate in the UK is relatively low. In fact it is one of the safest countries in Europe. Despite this, it is important that you are aware of the surroundings to avoid being a victim of crimes such as pickpocketing.

Pack a Universal Travel Adaptor
You have probably travelled to a new country and you had to buy a universal adaptor. It can be frustrating when you want to charge your electronic devices but you could not at that particular moment. Electricity sockets in the UK have 3 rectangular prongs thus it is advisable that you carry your universal travel adaptor.

The Best Time to Go
The country experiences four seasons. If you are a winter person, you can visit the country in December through to February, if you want to experience summer, you should visit from May to September. This is actually the best time to be in the country the hottest months are June through to August. The beauty of this European country is that you can visit whenever you wish.

Foods that Are a Must Have
Just like any other destination, UK has a unique and amazing cuisine. Some of the foods that are a must have for a true UK experience include; Bangers and Mash (sausages and a creamy mash), chicken tikka masala served with naan bread and rice, roast dinner which is popular on Sundays and steak and ale pie.

Things to Do
London being the capital city is a must visit. From a speedboat ride in the Thames River to visiting the Tower of London, the city has a lot to offer. Learn about the Scottish culture, visit the Snowdonia National Park, engage in various outdoor activities at the Lake District and attend festivals. You will need a lot of time to experience most of the things the country has to offer.

Essential items you need to have before going on a trekking trip

The benefits of trekking are many. Trekking can make you physically and mentally fit. Even more, it will push you out of your comfort zone and make you more conscious. Before going to on a trekking trip, there are some essential items you need to prepare.
Many people have sustained serious injuries because they did not prepare well for their trekking trip. In this article, we are going to be looking at some essential items you must carry during your trekking adventure.

journey 2406354 1280Map

Carry a detailed map of the area you are trekking. It is going to give you a sense of direction. In the event that you got lost, you will be able to navigate yourself to safety easily. It can also help you unveil any shortcut to your endpoint.

Headlight and Flashlight

A flashlight is essential for trekkers. It is going to help you see in the dark. Even more, it is going to work as a signal if you get lost.

Extra food

It is impossible to predict what is going to happen during your trekking trip. It is important that you bring extra food, in case there is a delay by, foul weather, you got lost or by emergencies. Bring more than enough food. The food you should carry should require little or no cooking.

Eye protection

Get a prescription contact lens or eyeglass that will protect you from the sun. Your eyes are likely going to be damaged by the elements if you don’t take measures to protect it.

First aid kit

Carry a first aid kit for minor injuries. Carry a lot of sterilized bandages.

Pocket knives

Knives can serve a lot of purposes, you can use it for first aid, cutting rope, food preparation and making repairs.


A whistle can come in handy in the event of an emergency- when you are lost, hurt or when someone needs help.

Fire starters

These are useful especially in emergency situation. They are used to start a fire.

Water and drinks

Carry plenty of water. If you are not conversant with the area in which you are hiking, do some research to check if there are good water sources available. Remember to treat the water you get from any source before drinking it.

Final note

Carrying the items that are listed in this article is going to make your trip smooth and stress-free.

Compelling reasons why you should go on a trek

adventure 1850912 960 720Many today are skeptical about going on a trek because they don’t want to strain themselves or leave their comfort zone. Trekking can have a positive impact on your life. If you haven’t done it before in your life, then you should consider doing it. You see, after a long trek, you are going to become a new person.
In this article, we are going to be looking at some reasons why you should go on a trek.
It makes you fearless
You likely may think that your trek is going to be easy and straightforward. You will later come to see that hiking is not as easy as you anticipated. You will come across a lot of challenges on your way. In the end, you will realize that your competition is not others but yourself and your fears and insecurities.
It makes you stronger physically and mentally
As mentioned earlier, hiking is not as easy as it seems, there are people who workout hard at the gym, but gave up after trekking for a couple of minutes. Hiking is mentally and physically challenging. So if you go on a trek from time to time, you are going to become physically and mentally stronger.
Living in the present
You don’t think about the past or the future during your trek. This is because you are focused on the present. If you think about other things during your trek, you may stumble and fall. So, you have to be focused on your footstep and live in the moment until you reach your destination.
It cleans your spirit
As imperfect humans, we are prone to making mistakes. We are social animals and at that, we walk according to the norms of our society. Taking a hike is going to clean your spirit. You will become a new person after your hike.
It teaches you the meaning of love
During your trek, you will find a lot of people who will help you without even knowing who you are or where you are from. They will teach you the meaning of humanity and love.
Force you out of your comfort zone
You won’t have access to luxurious cars, big bedroom and so on during your trek. You will be exposed to the element. You likely will sleep in tents, use an open bathroom and eat packaged food.
Final note
These are by no means the only benefits of trekking, do some research to find out more.

How to Plan Your Walking Route

You do not really have to always follow the route that has been discovered by others, it can be a rewarding experience to plan your own route and to discover and overcome any challenge that may come your way. Finding a new walking route is not as difficult as many say. In fact, it is quite easy. To make the search for a walking route easier, you can ask your friends or better still you can plan it on your own

In this article, we are going to be looking at how you can plan your walking route.

  1. Your map

map 2734535 640The most important tool you are going to need to plan a walking route is a good map. If your route is going to include some urban regions, you are going to need a more detailed map so that you can see all the important details you need. One thing you should avoid is using large scale maps that are used for driving. A great tool that will be able to show you all the detail you need is a Google map.

  1. The length

You may already have a starting point in mind for your walk. Your home is a good starting point. But you can also consider starting from a free car park. Your endpoint should be somewhere you can easily get access to a cab or a train. It is also a good idea to end your walk in café or a place you can relax for a while before going home.

Picking an area that has a lot of footpaths will give you the opportunity to plan an interesting route. To make you walk more enjoyable, you should set aside time for refreshment breaks. One thing you definitely should not forget when going for a walk is your camera. You never know what you might see, so it is wise to carry a camera with you.

  1. Checking for danger

lightning 1056419 640Safety should be your number one priority when going out for a walk. If you are able, check the weather. If it is going to be windy or rainy, you should do well to wear waterproof gears and avoid areas that are prone to flooding.

Another thing you need to be on the look out is for roads and train lines.

Final note

Do well to tell others about your plan and the area or region you will be going for your walk so that they can provide assistance in case something goes wrong.

Benefits of Trekking that will Change Your Life Forever

trekkingHave you ever wanted to get away from the city fuss, relax and lose yourself in nature in order to find yourself again? We live in a modern world where people don’t have much time to relax because they work all the time, neglecting their own mental and physical health.

Are you feeling stressed right now? Do you want to try something unusual and out of the ordinary that will benefit your health and change your life forever? Why don’t you try trekking? Although some think of trekking as a simple waste of time, we can assure you, that is way more than that.

Letting go of your toxic thoughts, while spending some quality time alone in the wilderness with nothing but your backpack on sounds exciting and refreshing. Are you ready to do a change in your life and start trekking? If yes, these are the benefits you’ll get that will change your life forever, for better.

You will bond with your soul again

Spending some quality time alone in nature is always good for our soul because we’re able to reconnect with ourselves. Once we realize that we’re completely alone, and far away from everything that’s been holding us back from doing what satisfies our soul – we bond with our soul and start enjoying life again.

You will reduce stress and improve your cardiovascular strength

Every second person in the world suffers from stress today, and all because of the hard work, negative people and silly rules of society. Once you start trekking and free yourself from your obligations, the negative influence of people and stop following the rules of society – your stress will go away.

As for the cardiovascular strength, it’s been proven that by walking up and down mountains and hills, our heart pumps harder to maintain the oxygen demand which results in strengthening the cardiovascular muscles and improving the work of our cardiovascular system.

You will clean your mind and lungs

Not only that the fresh air will clean your lungs but your mind as well. Being alone in nature is an antioxidant for the brain.

You will sharpen your focus and overcome your fears

By being alone in nature, you will be ‘forced’ to sharpen your focus in order to watch out for yourself and the possible dangers of the wilderness. However, you will also overcome your fears that are typical for every human being. And by fears we mean – spending time alone with your thoughts and jumping into an adventure that will change your life forever, for better.

You will learn how to survive alone

Every living being was born alone and will die alone. This is one of the things you will learn while trekking and learning how to survive alone in the wilderness. When you need help, rely on yourself first, and if you still need help – ask for it – that’s a lesson that will certainly improve your future.

You will become one with nature and start respecting everything that’s alive

Once you step on the ground and let nature be the one taking care of you, you will bond with her on a more profound level. However, you will also learn how to respect everything that’s alive because you will finally realize that every living being has the same living rights as you do – a lesson that will make you a better and more quality person aware of your own existence and the existence of everyone else.

You will start seeing the beauty in everything

Being surrounded by nature while trekking will make you see the beauty in everything because when you think better, there’s nothing ugly in this world. Ugly is just a perception. Everything is beautiful. Nature is beautiful. Animals and plants are beautiful. Pain is beautiful. You are beautiful. Life is beautiful.

You will become an independent and much stronger person

The last but not less important benefit of trekking and spending some time alone or with someone you care about in the wilderness will make you an independent person and certainly much stronger, once you realize you can overcome any challenge that comes in your way. Practice trekking starting today!

Staying Safe when Travelling in Oz

australian koalaTrekking the UK is great fun, no doubt about that. But sometimes adventures take us further. Such as all the way on the other side of the globe to Australia. 

When travelling such distance and to a strange new land it's vital to ensure you keep your belongings safe and secure. There is nothing worse than having something stolen, well actually it is worse when you have your passport, money and all other IDs stolen in a foreign country.

Losing all your important items can be as simple as leaving your wallet somewhere or being the victim of a pick pocket. If this happens in your home country you will know what to do. Call your banks to cancel your credit cards, report everything stolen to the police and hope that your wallet is handed in. You are sure the money will not come back but replacing all our ID and cards takes time contacting each organisation and requesting a new card is sent out in the post.

When travelling abroad however such a loss places more challenges on your plate. First off all you have to make international calls to cancel credit cards. You need to report your lost or stolen item to the police. Fortunately Australia speak English but if you were in a non-English speaking country this can get very tricky indeed. Point of the matter is you want to prevent this from ever happening.

So when travelling in Australia make sure your residence has adequate locks on the premises. Any damage should be reported, repaired and possibly replaced by a qualified security locksmith. Of course the next step is to make sure you are using your security facilities properly. The most advanced security system in the world is useless if it is not activated.

When travelling abroad it is recommended to keep all your important travel documents such as passport and excess money or travellers cheques at home under lock and key. You may even have a safe in your accommodation you can use. That way you only need to leave the house with what you need for that day. And in a worse case situation such as a street robbery, the attacker will only be able to get what you have on you at the time. Thus you will not have to go through the challenges of reissuing a new passport while overseas. Doing so can really disrupt your travel plans as you will not be able to leave the current country you are in without a valid passport.

We hope these tips come in useful and allow you to stay safe when travelling in Oz.

Unbeatable Luxury Way to Travel on Tour

Limo chauffeur opening door for passengerAsk any traveller what the most luxurious way to travel is and you may get different answers. However I am sure that they will all agree that chauffeured limousine travel is unbeatable for ground transportation.

After all this is how the celebrities, movie stars and the rich and famous do it. Surely they know what is best right?

Either way this form of transportation is expensive for a reason, and you normally get what you pay for.

Think about it. Would you rather wait in a long taxi line for a cab after a long international flight, or have a uniformed driver wait for you with a sign and then escort you to a parked luxury limo?

Or would you rather squeeze your way onto a minibus or worse yet full size public bus with your family or friends, or have a suited chauffeur wait for your with a stretch limousine decked out with champagne on ice?

Ok, the cost issue may be the only factor that presents any doubt in your mind. But if money was removed from the equation there is no question that a normally sane person would choose the stylish and luxurious option every time.

After all, why not experience the finer things in life?

There is no question that limousine travel is an unbeatable way to travel in luxury. Fortunately this form of transportation is available in every city around the world. The larger the city the more competition. The more competition means better benefits for the consumer. Which may be you!

So what will you do next time you are on tour? Luxury experiences never need an excuse, however your wallet may be telling you that your do. How about being spontaneous? Doing something wild? Surprise your travel partner by booking a limo transfer from the airport to your hotel. Or if you are travelling by yourself, go all out and you could always offer that someone special a ride they will never forget.

Get On Your Bike and See the UK

As we mentioned on our About page there are more ways than just trekking to see the UK or any countryside for that matter. An often overlooked form of getting around is the good ol fashioned push bike. Not only is this a healthy option when compared to getting on a motorbike or other motor vehicle but you can also move quicker than walking or trekking alone. 

Going for a bike ride through the country side is very refreshing and allows you to experience the environment first hand. You can smell the fresh air and literally stop to smell the roses if you wish. We recommend going with either an organised tour group, a friend or group of friends. It is much more satisfying when you can share in the experience with someone else. Also an organised tour can often take you to hidden places that are not in the tour books.

However there are also advantages of going by yourself, or with only your close friends. That is that you can choose exactly where you want to go, can spend more time exploring the places that you want, and can skip out on places that you find boring. 

If you are a visitor and don't have a bike that is fine. A quick search around the local area can lead to to places where you can hire a pushbike from, however we always recommend checking out the local classifieds for bargain purchases. You can often surprise yourself. For the amount of a few extra dollars over a hire price you can often buy your own bike that you can keep. That way you don't have to worry about returning it to any destination in the future. Also if you take care of it you should be able to resell it for the same or similar value.

We are not promoting that you should ride to the next town or village to explore the UK on bike, it was more a recommendation to explore a town or village you are staying in while you are visiting that area. But by all means if you are travelling light this too could be an option for you. Maybe not to tackle the whole countryside on a pushbike but it could be an option for going between two or three close villages.

So while planning your UK travel adventure don't rule this form of transport out. It is a great way to get out and see the countryside, absorb the fresh air and really get back to nature. If you get a mountain bike you can even go off the beaten path and find some great hideaway destinations.