by WebHostArt

Get On Your Bike and See the UK

As we mentioned on our About page there are more ways than just trekking to see the UK or any countryside for that matter. An often overlooked form of getting around is the good ol fashioned push bike. Not only is this a healthy option when compared to getting on a motorbike or other motor vehicle but you can also move quicker than walking or trekking alone. 

Going for a bike ride through the country side is very refreshing and allows you to experience the environment first hand. You can smell the fresh air and literally stop to smell the roses if you wish. We recommend going with either an organised tour group, a friend or group of friends. It is much more satisfying when you can share in the experience with someone else. Also an organised tour can often take you to hidden places that are not in the tour books.

However there are also advantages of going by yourself, or with only your close friends. That is that you can choose exactly where you want to go, can spend more time exploring the places that you want, and can skip out on places that you find boring. 

If you are a visitor and don't have a bike that is fine. A quick search around the local area can lead to to places where you can hire a pushbike from, however we always recommend checking out the local classifieds for bargain purchases. You can often surprise yourself. For the amount of a few extra dollars over a hire price you can often buy your own bike that you can keep. That way you don't have to worry about returning it to any destination in the future. Also if you take care of it you should be able to resell it for the same or similar value.

We are not promoting that you should ride to the next town or village to explore the UK on bike, it was more a recommendation to explore a town or village you are staying in while you are visiting that area. But by all means if you are travelling light this too could be an option for you. Maybe not to tackle the whole countryside on a pushbike but it could be an option for going between two or three close villages.

So while planning your UK travel adventure don't rule this form of transport out. It is a great way to get out and see the countryside, absorb the fresh air and really get back to nature. If you get a mountain bike you can even go off the beaten path and find some great hideaway destinations.