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Staying Safe when Travelling in Oz

australian koalaTrekking the UK is great fun, no doubt about that. But sometimes adventures take us further. Such as all the way on the other side of the globe to Australia. 

When travelling such distance and to a strange new land it's vital to ensure you keep your belongings safe and secure. There is nothing worse than having something stolen, well actually it is worse when you have your passport, money and all other IDs stolen in a foreign country.

Losing all your important items can be as simple as leaving your wallet somewhere or being the victim of a pick pocket. If this happens in your home country you will know what to do. Call your banks to cancel your credit cards, report everything stolen to the police and hope that your wallet is handed in. You are sure the money will not come back but replacing all our ID and cards takes time contacting each organisation and requesting a new card is sent out in the post.

When travelling abroad however such a loss places more challenges on your plate. First off all you have to make international calls to cancel credit cards. You need to report your lost or stolen item to the police. Fortunately Australia speak English but if you were in a non-English speaking country this can get very tricky indeed. Point of the matter is you want to prevent this from ever happening.

So when travelling in Australia make sure your residence has adequate locks on the premises. Any damage should be reported, repaired and possibly replaced by a qualified security locksmith. Of course the next step is to make sure you are using your security facilities properly. The most advanced security system in the world is useless if it is not activated.

When travelling abroad it is recommended to keep all your important travel documents such as passport and excess money or travellers cheques at home under lock and key. You may even have a safe in your accommodation you can use. That way you only need to leave the house with what you need for that day. And in a worse case situation such as a street robbery, the attacker will only be able to get what you have on you at the time. Thus you will not have to go through the challenges of reissuing a new passport while overseas. Doing so can really disrupt your travel plans as you will not be able to leave the current country you are in without a valid passport.

We hope these tips come in useful and allow you to stay safe when travelling in Oz.