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Best Trekking Places When in the United Kindgom

landscape 1570417 1280England is a beautiful place with amazing places to see and are best experienced on foot. From the English wildlife, small towns and little villages, you will be marvelled by the beauty that the United Kingdom has to offer. One important thing is that you should check the weather because it can get really cold trek. Also this will let you know what wildlife you need to prepare for.

Hadrian’s Wall

For the history enthusiasts and those that love natural scenery, Hadrian’s Wall is perfect for that trek. This wall has some interesting history considering that it is a former Roman defensive fortification. Along the way as you trek from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway, for about 135-km, besides the amazing scenery, you get to visit the ancient Roman forts ruins.

North Downs Way

Between Dover and Farmham in the UK lies the beautiful North Down Way. Spanning 246 km, there is so much to see and do during your trek here and what is more intriguing is that to experience all that it has to offer, it will take you more than a week. Cathedrals, shelters, medieval castles and ancient Roman forts that date back to WW2 are just some of the attractions along the way. This route is not only scenic, but it’s of historical significance in the country.


Considering this is a popular attraction site renowned across the globe, you have more reasons to trek in Stonehenge. This impressive monument makes it worthy to follow the Stonehenge trail and besides what it has to offer, the trekking here is relatively simple. The construction and the entire stonehenge is a mystery as not much is known about this remarkable attraction.


If you are up to a challenging trek, the Blencathra is a perfect trail for you. What makes this 8.5 km such a challenge to use is that the ridge is narrow and the rocks are sometimes quite unstable. It is not advisable to follow the trail if you are not experienced or you are not in good health. It can be quite risky. On the Scotland/England boarder, Blencathra runs and ends in Threkeld village. You will enjoy breathtaking views of English forest, Hall’s Fall Ridge and the scenic Keswick countryside where it is located.

The Thames Path

Another breathtaking trail to go trekking while in the UK, is the 294km Thames River trail. It runs from Greenwich which is its source to Woolwich. You get to see London from a different angle, the Hampton Court, cities, the Windsor Castle and various villages. It’s a scenic route keeping in mind that this is UK’s second longest river.